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Batch ftp and delete

Put the following commands in draycanaydogmus.com and run as follows to accomplish this task: open draycanaydogmus.com username password cd directoryname mdelete * quit. ok, then i think you can implement the algorithum i've described as a batch script using two seperate ftp calls and scripts. The first to list the files. Hi, - I need to write a batch script to delete the files in FTP location /test/plus. - I used the following script. draycanaydogmus.com E: cd E:\ABC.

If you're using the Windows command-line ftp client, then you will need in a file so that you can perform them as some kind of batch process. 28 Nov I would like to find a batch file that could be ran by Task Scheduler twice a day to delete the older files from the FTP server, allowing recent. I need a batch script that will download multiple files from a remote (unix) site. The catch is I need to safely delete those that I download safely. How do I do that ?.

I haven't found an easy way to delete remote files based on date. My scenario is this: I have several webcameras that stores stillimages on my. RMDIR Delete a remote directory Syntax: RMDIR(directory) directory: remote directory to If the remote directory is not empty ScriptFTP will delete all files and . Open source freeware SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows. I will be reading the folder names from text file & delete only those folders with.


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